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A tattoo on a fattie.
Why does he bother? You can hardly see that fattoo amongst all his folds.
by Peas_and_frogs April 08, 2008
One who attempts to coerce others into believing (falsely) in the outer beauty of the horizontally challenged and recommends engaging in obestiality. "You don't know what your missing". "I'm big and beautiful" etc.
All these fatscists on this website make me vomit up my own spine.
by Peas_and_frogs March 26, 2008
The chemical element comprising the 'hidden mass' of the universe. Scientists have speculated for years about 'dark matter' but have recently discovered that in fact it is all stored in fat people. Fat people NEVER eat enough to become the size that they are, the extra matter contained within their foul frames is in fact composed of Lardium, chemical symbol - Ft.
The amount of Lardium in this fattie is off the scale, our instruments cannot measure it.
by peas_and_frogs March 29, 2008
Lardy Gras is the final day of Carnival, the three day period preceding the beginning of Lent when fat people sway, lurch and roil through the streets in a frank and open display of fatscist propaganda.
"Are you coming to Lardy Gras this year?"
"No, sorry, I've got some children to frighten."
by Peas_and_Frogs March 26, 2008
A gock is a fatty's gut that has become so large it completely covers the cock. An elision of the words gut and cock. Gock.
His gock is so large you can't even see his cockatoo.
by Peas_and_frogs April 08, 2008
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