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To sneak up to someone in the dark and beat them with a clock, light, fan, or broken shower head. You can also drop these objects on your victem while they are asleep. Feel free to squirt water on them and/or turn on their lights to better surprise them if they've really made you mad. Often screaming the word "dairdair" gives a more creeped out effect.
If you don't stop prank-calling me at 3:00 in the morning, I'm gonna freakin' dairdair you, and you won't like it!
by peachpie88 August 15, 2011
1. A woman who must use lube for every type of sex, even oral sex. She's afraid because she can't produce her own.
2. A man who enjoys lubing his woman up, then licking it all off, (he does this repeatedly).
3. A person who enjoys the taste and smell of flavored lube, (they both lick it off each other).
Now that we're all gettin' older, we should expect to see a lot more lube addicts around!
by peachpie88 September 10, 2011
When you since something strange has happened to your lights or appliances. You feel that they are talking to you, watching you, and that they may hurt you. Sometimes, you can almost see little tiny bristle-like or glazing brush structures sticking out of them. If anyone feels this way, stay off the drugs. Or, don't watch anymore scary movies!
I can't go back into my house since I think my appliances did that brushlight thing. I don't know if me being high on e had anything to do with it.
by peachpie88 August 29, 2011
A marijuana cookie that gets you jumpy instead of calming you down. Sometimes adding enough sugar and chocolate can add a little kick to your high.
At the party last night, we got our dance on thanks to those electric cookies your friend brought.
by peachpie88 August 15, 2011
A pet name you call a person or animal. When you use this pet name, the person or animal you're speaking to is cute and sweet.
My dog is so cute. He's such a muffin ball!
by peachpie88 September 21, 2011
Something you feel that "brings you out of this world". And your experience is even better if you're stoned or drunk.
I love it when we get high then play frisbee and beerpong in the dark! It just makes me feel sooooo cooshney! puff puff

We should wear some more of that glow-in-the-dark body paint and blow some of that cush! Won't that make us feel cooshney?
by peachpie88 September 30, 2011
A short home-wrecker. She can be young, older, pretty, or uglier. Watch out! She's quick to steal your man!
See that girl over there? She is such a ho muffin! She's broken up so many homes it's not funny!
by peachpie88 September 09, 2011
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