10 definitions by peachpie88

A short home-wrecker. She can be young, older, pretty, or uglier. Watch out! She's quick to steal your man!
See that girl over there? She is such a ho muffin! She's broken up so many homes it's not funny!
by peachpie88 September 09, 2011
A set of crazy nightmares that remind you of someone crazy and/or violent. Mostly occurs when you are trying to get to sleep after a long day, or if you've been alone for longer periods of time.
Man! A gansy kept gettin' ahold of me last night, so I couldn't get back to sleep. All I could think about was her, from across the street.
by peachpie88 August 17, 2011
When you spray your nipples with chocolate sauce and/or whipped cream, and your guy cums on top of the sticky mixture, then licks it off. This is best to do when you are giving him a blow job.
He really enjoyed that liquid cookie I gave him last night!
by peachpie88 August 29, 2011

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