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the rapper that spits about life and time in the ghetto
i like tu pac shakur
by pc July 31, 2003
gross, but more than gross. see raunchy, or granger
man, that girl just sneezed all over herself...that's groady!
by PC April 10, 2003
Anyone who doesn't take a shower and stinks.
Skateboarders, Punk kids, just anyone whos not a hick or clean person
by PC November 21, 2004
a wrinkle or bump in any material exhibiting symmetry.
Wow, there is a big hooved up place in the road!
by PC September 01, 2004
to be like a forbes, to be small, cute and hobbit-like. To perform actions in a cute manner
"look at her moving her head, shes so forbish"
by PC February 09, 2005
The state of being completely annihilated from the effect of alcohol or another substance of the sort...usually ending up in saying phrases that are either completly incredible or something you would like to take back like it is your job...although in some rare cases you could drop it like it is hot... usually occuring at the best fucking college ever... for that refer to st. joes
"dude i told simone that she was hot last night".....DUDE!!! You must have been crunk to your dome piece
by pc January 12, 2005
A particular irish surfing team when used with the term Diamond.
Also occasionally associated with the term brain
"Off the Brain man, go Diamond Bodix"
by PC June 24, 2004

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