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a kind of sneaky relationship between two people, either it is sexual or superficial, but no one is aware of it. Origine: Unkown. Came from South India, Kerala to be precise. A common word in earlier malayalam films :dingolphica/ dingolfika...sulanica/sulanika. abbreviated as "dingolphi"
I already know that you had a dingolphi with her.
by paz June 17, 2006
Lesbian - someone who drinks from the cup that is furry
"You're wasting your time mate, she's a gap lapper
by Paz August 05, 2003
to remove a girls bottom virginity
e.g. Has anyone knocked your back doors in and bottom pillaged you yet?
by Paz July 18, 2003
A social handgrenade who has less diplomatic capability than the average males left bollock
that lads a hayezey
by Paz July 18, 2003
champagne, as in Moët & Chandon
buss another bokkle a moe - Sean Paul
by paz July 17, 2003
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