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1.) A man who is very thin, tall and bendy, often found on the Northern coast of South America.
2.) A person who is clearly insane and who has been released from a mental home without full tests being done.
3.) An Italian male who is a hit with the ladies due to his diet of spaghetti and olive oil.
Francesca: Mama Mia!! Look at that crazy man with no clothes on, he is making silly noises like a deformed dog, whats wrong with him?
Lisconelli: He is a "spaghetti Man" so don't be mean, he can not help being crazy.
Francesca: I wasn't being mean! You always look for the worst in me Lisconelli, i'm getting sick of it now!
Lisconelli: You are over reacting again. Maybe you are a "Spaghetti Man"!
by Paul Fleming July 30, 2006
This is where a whore live. Generally found in run down areas of cities, but also found on canal barges, to give the "punter" the feeling that the earth is moving, and that they are getting value for money.
Fred: Shit man, I need to get laid, but dont want any of the emotional shit that comes with a girlfriend.
Alan: Well why don't you get down to the "whore pad" and fuck some slut, i'll even give you a lift there if you want!
Fred: Thanks, you really are a true friend!
by Paul Fleming July 09, 2006
1. In some South American countries where small rodens are common, people struggle to differenciate between a mouse and a rat, so they use the name "RattyMouse" to describe both.
2. The description of a loveable partner or friend that has rodent like feature.
Jose: Damn man, who ate the rest of my chicken I saved last night, I was going to have it for breakfast?
Enrique: It wasn't me amigo, I saw a "RattyMouse" eating it last night, but I was too drunk on tequilla to do anything.
Jose: You drunk fool! Now I will be hungry all day because I didn't get my breakfast. It's your fault.
Enrique: I hate you!
by Paul Fleming July 14, 2006
These females are what is known as a God send to any male looking for easy sex. You will find these girls at all nightclubs up and down the UK. They normally never refuse sex and are not the most attractive in their appearance.

If a male has failed in his conquest to find a sex partner for the night, he can always lower his standards and find a "Insurance Whore". Just like car insurance will never let you down, neither will a 'Insurance Whore".
Les: I really came to this club looking for a nice girl to have sex with, but it's getting late and I can't see myself getting lucky now.
Phil: Don't be such a quitter, theres loads of "Insurance Whores" in this place, you just have to lower your standards.
Les: Thanks mate, You always know what to say to cheer me up!
by Paul Fleming July 12, 2006
This is a way to describe an annoying person who joins an internet forum just to try to upset people with foul language, or by insulting people. Normally these people have a history of depresion which is why they find the need to try to make others feel worthless, as they do themselves.
Typically these individuals are between the ages of 18-35 and have a history of being a recluse and a loner. As of yet the only treatment is to ignore these people. and to say a prayer for them if you want.
Sharroz: Why did that guy come on this forum and call me a loser for no reason?
Albert: It's because he is a "Forum Fighter", he is trying to wing you up, so don't let him.
Sharroz: Oh, I won't, but i'll get him back.
by Paul Fleming July 17, 2006
This is the definition of a very elderly wealthy man who is very close to death and is an easy target for a "money slut" or any other female who is only concerned with his finances. These old fellows are not embarresed by the obvious fact that their new partner is a whore and is wishing him dead so she can get his money. He is infact just happy to have some sexual contact in his twilight years.
Maria: It's a shame Albert is getting used by that little tramp Tracey, she is 29 and he is 80, do you think he knows that she is only interested in his money?
Sally: Of Course he does!! But when he is sucking her tits like a new born baby, I doubt he really cares. Good luck to him, he will be dead soon so let him enjoy what he has left!
Maria: Yeah, you are right, but that old "whore magnet" should have a little more respect for his wife. She told me she can't sleep at night with all the screaming coming from Tracey and Albert.
Sally: Maybe she should move into the room next door?
by Paul Fleming July 30, 2006
This is the description of a man who behaves like a monster and who has trouble socialising with other humans. These individuals often reside in the Midlands area of England, but are also found in towns on the North West of England.
Nigel: That guy over there looks mental, he is giving me dirty looks and is making crazy noises that are quite scary.
Paul: Watch yourself, he's a "Monster Man" so I wouldn't start anything. He will rip you in two.
Nigel: I wasn't going to.
by Paul Fleming July 11, 2006

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