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These are doctors that help all females give birth. 9 months after a female has whored around, she will be puished with a small creature that will develope into another human. The person who is paid to help remove the creature from the slut is often reffered to as a "Slut Doctor", because his only aim is to help the slut.
Stacey(pregnant): I'm so nervous, when those guys were waitng in line to have sex with me 9 months ago I never thought that i'd end up in hospital, I'm so scared!
Tracey: Don't be scared babe, the "Slut Doctor" knows what he is doing. He will get that creature out of you in no time!
Stacey: I hope so! I look like an elephant.
by Paul Fleming July 13, 2006
A single person who is responsible for thousands of paralysed people suffering due to his stupidity and lack of understanding of stem cell research.

Nigel: I have been in this wheelchair for 4 years now and that idiot "George Bush" has just rejected another plea for stem cells to be used in helping people with spinal cord injuries.
Paul: Maybe someone in his family will get paralysed and he might change his mind.
Nigel: I doubt it, unless he can somehow invade a country in the name of stem cell research, and steal their oil, I doubt it.
by Paul Fleming August 03, 2006

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