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When wiping your butt after killing and eating your girlfriend
I haven't seen Wacheeta in 2 weeks since she went out with Rasheen, Have you seen her lately? No I think he Jeffery Dahmer'd her
by Paraleel October 14, 2011
A particular Model of Chevy Colorado made in 2006 but enhanced in 2011
Wow that model truck is 1 of 1 made,
Yeah, that's the Al edition
by paraleel December 04, 2011
Heating up a sausage in the oven then fucking someone in the ass with it while reading Mien Kemf
She is so hot I'd give her a dirty german for lunch
by paraleel October 03, 2011
When your bowels suddenly hurt and you're brain says to you "You have 5 minutes to make it to the bathroom or you will shit your pants"
Oh my goodness pull over I have to take an emergishit or I'm going to shit my pants

Al ran to the bathroom because he had to take an emigishit
by paraleel June 08, 2013
When a fully clothed person goes up to another clothed person on the street and begins to hump them roughly
"Wow man that chic over there is really hot!" , "oh yeah I dare you to go over and street hump her as hard as you can"
by paraleel October 23, 2011
A day to give gifts to one another not honoring nor insulting one's religious or not religious beliefs celebrated on August 4th without saying happy or merry first and their is an anonymous gift exchanging called the Secret 86400 where names are selected from a hat and then swallowed
"Christmahanakwanzikdwaliramidanichinesenewyearthreekingsabrahamlincolnika day to you", "And you as well, who'd you get for Christmahanakwanzikdwaliramidanichinesenewyearthreekingsabrahamlincolnika day to get a gift for?","If I tell you then I WILL have to kill you"
by paraleel December 25, 2011

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