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The nickname for the famous Costa Rican National Soccer team!
Every Costa Rican child's dream is to play for La Sele and wear it's colors boldly and proud!
by Papero May 18, 2007
A person who lives in Cartago, Costa Rica. A fan of Club Sport Cartagines, oldest and most bad ass Soccer club in Costa Rica.
Cuidado mae porque ese loco es Cartagines. Watch out dude, that crazy motha focker is a Cartagines.
by papero August 10, 2007
The oldest Soccer club/franchise in Costa Rica. CS Cartagines was founded on July 1st of 1906. Their stadium is name Estadio Jose Rafael "Fello" Meza.
When Club Sport Cartagines plays at The Fello Meza, the whole town rocks blue and La Fuerza Azul spreads panic to the visiting fans and players.
by papero August 10, 2007
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