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29 definitions by pantyteamaster

Slang for the crunched up potatoe chips that are left in the bottom a bag that no one really wants.
Damn man you ate all the good chips and all that are left are these nigger chips. Man mom gave me all the nigger chips that were left in the bottom of the potatoe chip bag.
by pantyteamaster January 01, 2009
big league chew pussy as in a girl has a big shredded pussy that looks like a bag big league chew. Has had sex with everyone in three surrounding counties. As in if you were going down on a woman it would be like chewing on an entire bag of big league chew.
Man last night I fucked this girl and her pussy looked like a big bag of big league chew pussy almost like chewing on a bag of gum.
by pantyteamaster April 13, 2009
Actually a type of stretch that is accomplished by bending at the waist and grabbing the backs of your calf muscles.

Also a slang term for getting fucked in the ass, or taking in the ass.
1. The next stretch is the hamstring stretch standing.

2. Man they really got me today. What are you talking about. Well they hammered me on the sales numbers today. Yeah it was kind of like standing there doing the hamstring stretch standing, and then just taking it up the butt. Yeah man I know how you feel.
by pantyteamaster May 10, 2009
Another word for a female vagina.
Man check out that woman there. Yeah I would like to butter her bloomer biscuit. Wouldn't you?
by pantyteamaster May 10, 2009
Another term for taking a piss. Usually said by a man.
Man I was in the bathroom milking the udder sorry for taking so long. I had been holding that one for awhile
by pantyteamaster April 15, 2009
Usually an answer given when you don't 1. Give a shit 2. When you are trying to be polite by not saying no shit. 3. A smartass answer given to someone who just stated something very obvious or very stupid. Can be used in a number of ways.
Hey man have you seen those new Dodge Challengers? They are really fast. OH REALLY?
by pantyteamaster April 30, 2010
An explanation or a term used to show you really don't give a shit. Usually said like whatever, whatever. Often said in an emotionless tone of voice for added effect.
Hey John the boss said we have to get these memo's done before we can go home.

whatever, whatever. That right there is some straight up whatever squared .
by pantyteamaster April 11, 2009