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Away From Keyboard : often used in online gaming when someone is not moving they are assumed to be afk.
Johnny is afk at the teams spawn point.
by PantherX April 07, 2003
Lame ass dude with fucked up face and hit song titles such as "follow me".
Latinus: Uncoolinus uglicrackerus
that uncle cracker sucks some serious ass.
by pantherx May 29, 2003
A restaurant in which they let protein worms crawl through the meat.
A.K.A. Rotten Ronnies.
damn McDonald's gave me food poisoning again.
by pantherx May 29, 2003
One of the most vicious wild cats in the world. Black in color and really wicked looking animal.
That panther almost took his head off.
by pantherx May 29, 2003
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