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12 definitions by pandora

That race of small children who still wear the the 'bling bling' of chains around their waists, baggy pants, hoodies and that stupid backwards cap thing.
"LimpBizkit man! Hardcore!"
by Pandora December 19, 2003
typically a male resident of a large city(Los Angeles, San Francisco) who carries characteristics of a homosexual, but remaining in the claim of heterosexual. Often looking like, and dressing like a feminine male.
Marty likes flaunting his gucci bag and louie vuitton wallet when he's out with his girlfriend.
by pandora November 16, 2004
(n) slang for nitrous oxide
let's all do some dumb!
by pandora April 19, 2005
A saying started in walcott iowa thats means literaly Fuck 23, its something you would shout randomly in crowded halls
Student in crowded hall:F23!
Peers:*histerical laughter*
Teachers: *confusion*
by pandora February 10, 2004
A British man named James, that we would love to drip honey all over.
I want some Toast
by Pandora October 09, 2003