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Pachinko is a gambling game played in japan most comonly found in tokyo. Whoever said its a word for prostitue has some serious issues...
Ms. hanasta went to play pachinko with her american friends.
by Pandora February 10, 2004
(n) seemingly random, minor illness following prolonged stints of sleep deprivation, drinking, and drug use. Often contracted by sharing drinking vessels or nitrous crackers.
I think I picked up raver flu this weekend after hitting four clubs in two days and doing a case of dumb.
by pandora April 19, 2005
Poets are more likely to die young that any other type of writer. From Kaufman (2003). Received a lot of publicity in media in April, May, 2004. Also associated with the Sylvia Plath Effect.
Among the reasons for the cost of the muse is the fact that poets peak earlier.
by pandora June 14, 2004
Closet Horny. Seems awkward and shy at first, but once you pop the fun dont stop.
"I can't believe you got her to do that! She seemed so shy... what a pandora!"
by Pandora January 08, 2005
1. One of the Koolest rockers around.
2.The act of bitting an animal that is dead or alive.
1.Ozzy Osbourne is so kool!
2.Wow man he pulled an ozzy!
by Pandora February 10, 2004
Like a minimosher but they wear all black and eyeliner all down their faces.
Usually between the ages 13-16.
Always thinks they're depressed and the world is a bad place.
"I'm so depressed, my maths taecher sed i was below average"

"im going to slit my wrists for attention while being thereputically soothed by Slipknot"
by Pandora December 19, 2003
That race of small children who still wear the the 'bling bling' of chains around their waists, baggy pants, hoodies and that stupid backwards cap thing.
"LimpBizkit man! Hardcore!"
by Pandora December 19, 2003

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