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6 definitions by pandajoi

one of the best characters from the move "sandlot". use to agree or say anything you want.
Smalls: what up, do you want to go tackle the beast today?
Yaya: yaya. yaya.
by pandajoi January 19, 2005
141 81
Alto: more range than a soprano, as well as the leader of the choir usually, more outgoing, and more all-around fun. has a loud outgoing personality, voice, and smile.
wow, i wonder what part that girl sings, she is so nice, perfect, and has some nice pearly whites, she also doesn't have a lot of nasty vabrato, and can sing on key and in tune. i bet she is an alto.
by pandajoi April 11, 2005
100 76
A group of people, usually overweight, in college, and have set rules and guidelines in order to be members of a faternity. Usually consisting, of using framps, eating regimens, exercise guidelines, diet plans, etc.
"Damn Lenny, you should join our faternity, we are electing a new lunch special supervisor next week."
by pandajoi January 18, 2005
34 18
Short for pet name poodle.
Usually used in a caring or loving way for a boy.

Also can be used as the opposite to describe anything that needs a funny/taboo name that is safe around bosses, old people, family, and in public.
Positive "Hey pood, what's goin' on."


negative "so yesterday I talked to that pood, (name of person), he is such a... pood"
by pandajoi January 18, 2005
24 26
Used as a loving pet name. Dropped lightly, not as serious as babe, honey.
hey poodle, what's shakin?
by pandajoi January 18, 2005
42 51
When you are too lazy to use stairs, you use the local ramp. that is a little fat. you are now using the fat ramp. aka- framp.
"joe, i dont like stairs. I am going on the framp"
by pandajoi January 18, 2005
19 29