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4 definitions by pamelasm

something that is totally awesome
girl 1: dude, have u tried that yogurt from Yogurtland?

girl 2: yah dude, its yorgasmic

girl 1: its better than yorgasmic. its jaleel!
by pamelasm May 31, 2007
a portmanteau describing someone or something that is not only efficient, but kinky as well.
i slept with that librarian. she was totally effinky.
by pamelasm May 31, 2007
adj. something or someone that is totally lame, unimpressive, boring and especially, irritating.
girl 1: dude, my coworker is so lame. his interests are tennis, lions, and classical music. he used the phrase "freaky giggy". its not even a phrase!

girl 2: dude, he sounds totally pubes.

by pamelasm May 31, 2007
a nug of weed.

dervied from the Denver Nuggets.
hey, dude, i just got paid. lets pick up some denver.
by pamelasm June 01, 2007