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The C.A.N.S. is an acronym for Crazy Ass Nigga Syndrome or also referred to as the 'Chris Tuckers'. This syndrome is often brought upon with the presence of THC or extreme moments of excitement. Symptoms are: Louder more high pitched voice, Screaming, and yelling.
Joey: "Man paka really had the C.A.N.S. last night, he wouldn't stop yelling after we ripped from that bong"

Wade:"Damn Chris Tucker sure had the C.A.N.S. in the movie, friday"
by paka322 July 27, 2009
When a person attempts to reason a point they have with completely false evidence or something they had just made up.
Zack had a severe case of Whack Attack Syndrome when he wouldn't let us in his basement for no reason at all.

Jeff had W.A.S. when he said Matt didn't have a chance with Kelsey when Jeff didn't know anything.
by paka322 May 04, 2009
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