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a suburb or modern american city where the roads are more that 2 lanes wide forcing you to jaywalk across a 6 lane street with cars racing by you at different speeds much like the game frogger.
the way an inner city cyclist or non-driver refers to suburbs and their subsequent un-livability.
walmarts, home depots and factory outlets are what tonawonda is all about. its total frogger land, you would get squished trying to cross the street-its like a mile wide man.
by paigedestroy December 10, 2005
when a white girl shaves her pussy and doesn't maintain it it develops a five o'clock shadow resembling the way a raw chicken looks before cooking.
I can't stand it when girls shave their whole pussies, the chickenback gives me rugburn.
by paigedestroy December 10, 2005
a couple that spends every moment,day and night hanging out with eachother. so much so that thier friends begin to refer to them a one person.
codependant relationships.
Oh my god jen and brad are total wondertwins! Has anyone ever seen them not together? What are they, attached at the hip or something?
by paigedestroy December 10, 2005
what happens to a guy when he is drunk and hanging out with a girl he likes and she likes him too and they have sex. the term is usually used to explain his innocence in the situation and therefore make him unresponsible for his actions.
what can i say, i was hanging out with X last night and it was late, one thing led to another and i accidentally slipped in- baby it didnt mean anything to me, really!
by paigedestroy December 10, 2005
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