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Similar to selective hearing. A condition in which someone is unable to hear anything in their immediate area, yet is able to hear things far away.
(in the same room)
R: T. is a real pain in the arse.
P: I know
T: Pizza?

(somewhere outside)
T: Did you hear that bird hatching?
P: Classic soap opera hearing.
by pabslo September 10, 2007
Quite possibly the worst RPG to date for the PS3. Used synonymously with the following: disappointment, regret, lame, or terrible.
Gigli was so enchanted arms.
by pabslo September 11, 2007
a Slut-bagHo. Can also be interpreted as slut-bag whore.
J: P you're such a slut-bag ho
by pabslo September 11, 2007

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