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The fastest selling product in world history. Often used to exagerrate the sell of a product.
"These new toasters are gonna sell like hotcakes!"
by Pabs November 11, 2004
a person that never shuts the fuck up
John is such a jaw-jacker.
by pabs December 21, 2003
To be/look like a thug, gangster.
"You look thugish in that Avirex"

"He is thugish"
by Pabs December 08, 2004
The guy who has just read the above definition and is reading this right now.
by pabs November 02, 2003
Guitar player; also known as Sandra.
Marshall Wood has sex with himself.
by Pabs October 05, 2003
the docker of a dicker.
where the fuck are the bathrooms in this dicker docker bullshit.
by Pabs November 28, 2004
A poor idiot trying to say dicker docker.
miguel is a digger dogger- i mean a dicker docker
by Pabs November 28, 2004

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