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A Spanish word describing an attractive male that dresses well.
"Hay Carmen, mira ese muchacho, esta bien papichulo."
"Hey Carmen, look at that guy, he's looking good."
by Otoniel January 08, 2005
To "hang out." This is really the English expression 'hang out,' but Nuyoricans have given it a spanish pronunciation, thereby creating a new Puerto Rican slang word.
"Oye, yo estoy aburrido, vamos a janguear."
"Yo, I'm bored, lets go hang out."
by Otoniel January 08, 2005
Spanish word for 'gossip'.
"Cual es el chisme."
"What's the gossip."
by Otoniel January 08, 2005
Puerto Rican expression meaning a huge mess or mixup.
Literally, it means, rice with ass. So naturally, since Puerto Ricans love rice, adding ass would really mess things up.
Muchacho, cuando ella lo pillo mirando la culona, se formo un arroz con culo.
Dude, when she caught him staring at that chick with the big ass, the situation became a huge mess.
by Otoniel January 07, 2005
1. Puerto Rican word for someone who gets involved in something that's none of their business 2. A "nosy" individual
Deja de estar mirando lo que hacen los besinos, canto de presentao!
Stop trying to see what the neighbors are doing, you freaking nosy-ass!
by Otoniel January 08, 2005
A Puerto Rican word describing a huge mess or mixup.
"Hay Juan, estabamos en la Copacabana, cuando se formo tremendo rebulu."
"Oh Juan, we were at the Copacabana, when a huge mess started up."
by Otoniel January 08, 2005
Literally, it means, bare or peeled coconut. But in Puerto Rico, it is a word used to describe a bald person.
"Coño, se te cayo toito el pelo, esta cocopelao."
"Damn, all your hair fell off, you're as bald as a peeled coconut.
by Otoniel January 08, 2005
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