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massive, mean looking nigger usually associated with prison rape.
Characteristics: blood-shot eyes, large frame, strong, if in prison has a nickname of "Tank", pushed in nose, blue gums, ashy, not very smart.
Man Cody, you a buck nigger cause you like to over power smaler guys for ass sex.
by Oswaldo Sanchez December 29, 2004
a pervert who takes the next step.
a pervert who goes too far.
Instead of just watching his female neighbor do work in her garden, Jake filmed her so he could view it over and over again.
by Oswaldo Sanchez March 15, 2005
a guy's hand. does not matter which hand
Stop touching me with that cock beater.
by Oswaldo Sanchez September 09, 2005
A nasty tasting beer or other liquor.
In a sense that most liquor is brewed just like stump water brews in a stump making it stagnant.
Whoa that Natti is some stump water.
I can see how you can drink that shit.
by Oswaldo Sanchez April 11, 2005
a situation where the subject is affected by his/her living, working, or social environment. He/she is affected to a point of retardation.
ER usually results in lower class citizens.
Boudreaux lived in a trailer park so long that he became white trash.
by Oswaldo Sanchez February 08, 2005
A fourth year (freshman) Cadet at the prestigious military institute of South Carolina. Called "knob" because of their shaved head which resebles a door knob.
Knobs receive the most shit out of any cadet at any military school.
by Oswaldo Sanchez April 03, 2005
A common nickname of prison masters. Strong and massize. Likes to ass rape smaller guys (his bitches). He either kicks someone's ass or uses his tremendous size to make someone his bitch.
"Tank rules this prison so Nighty,Night, keep yor but hole tight."
by Oswaldo Sanchez December 29, 2004

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