Top Definition
huge boobs.
Check out those hubes over there.
by OsirusR July 14, 2009
A definate candidate for the next bachelor.
Out-going, buff, intelligent, and super sexy.
by Girls in Blue April 25, 2004
To enter a deep slumber, especially during a class
Did you see that guy Hubinh during accounting class?

I was so tired I had a Hube in my stats class today.
by Abg1235 February 09, 2015
Hubris, as displayed by hubristic individuals (i.e. hubies)
Check those hubes, bitch!

Man, like, you arrogant. You got mad hubes.
by Mo'liz January 26, 2008
Ass hairs, or ass pubes.
that bitches hubes were crazy!
by inbredmonkey September 21, 2003
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