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1. When a non-white person is physically or verbally attacked by a group of whites for any reason.

2. When a white person justifies such an act, or any other race-based discrimination that is clearly wrong.
1. Read any American newspaper before the 1960s...

2. "Well, I mean, there are more black people in jail because scientists have actually found that there is a microchip only found in dark skin that transmits messages to the brain encouraging criminal behaviour."

"Man, that's bullshit, stop pulling a Rodney King."
by osibisa November 16, 2007
Word used by fat, stupid, lazy males to refer to oral sex. Since these men are not accustomed to using their brains and are entirely unfamiliar with this organ, they move this function to other parts of their body. This not only kills the reliance on the brain, but allows the man to continue killing this organ with beer, fatty foods and a lazy attitude.
"Good thing all this beer, burgers and sitting around all day watching football isn't harming my brain, since brain means blowjob!"
by osibisa November 01, 2007
Oh, the shitkicker? Well, the one with the big mouth, the one who always has something to prove, the one who just can't leave well enough alone.

The shitkicker goes through life, pushing everything and everyone to their absolute limit by doing annoying little things, like always giving special instructions when ordering food, asking way too many questions and trying to get the last word in every disagreement.
You know the one, everyone has had to deal with someone who would do something as useless as kick a piece of shit.

Confronted with the life experience of a child, the cocksure shitkicker goes through life kicking shit down the street, but never actually ends up getting anywhere.....
by osibisa October 28, 2007
When a group of undesirables cannot get along with the larger population and crosses an ocean to form their own country, where they once again cannot get along with the locals, so they just kill them all. Then they enslave yet another group of people they are unable to get along with, and make them do all their work while they sit around playing with guns and continue not being able to get along with anyone for the next TWO HUNDRED PLUS YEARS!!!
Basically, if you wave the flag of a country that was based on the eradication of one race and the enslavement of another, you're probably well acquainted with racism.
by osibisa November 16, 2007
Fuckin' a bitch between her big ol' titties.
Yeah man, I fucked her big ol' titties boffo style, son!
by osibisa November 06, 2007
Some gay sounding, Ned Flanders type shit that chumps who are too pussy to say 'pissed off' say instead.
Wally: Well golly gee, Johnny, I was just so cheesed off!

Johnny: Man, shut the fuck up and just say 'pissed off'...
by osibisa October 04, 2007
Phrase used by young white Americans to laugh about how their human rights are regularly stomped on and ignored, as they piss it all away in a drunken stupor, because for now they're safe from the shit that everyone else in the world has to go through.... for now....
"Hey man, did you see that guy say 'don't tase me, bro'?? Man, that was almost as funny as when they killed Martin Luther King, killed those people in Waco and killed those college kids in Ohio! Let's drink some beer, eat some red meat and laugh at everyone who isn't fat, white, rich or American!"
by osibisa November 01, 2007

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