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a. (pl. noun) A group of trend conscious individuals who decide at any given moment what is legit and what is lame. Similar to the Illuminati but way more hip.
b. The douchiest thing way that someone could possibly describe themselves.
1) It seems like Jenanthony is the head of the legiterati in her social circle. Whatever trends she picks up on, everyone else follows suit.

2) Fluzie: Look at my boots! Aren't they fresh to death?
Jennika: Don't you know that boots are out? The legiterati pronounced it so at their last congress.

3) Scott: Man, I'm totally one of the legiterati.
Kjartan: That is probably the douchiest way could possibly describe yourself
by oryaknownot February 25, 2010

1. The early morning meal you consume after accidentally waking up at 2:30 AM and misreading your alarm clock.

2. Anything eaten while one is mid sleepwalk.
1. Algeria: Hey Djibouti. You hungry?
Djibouti: Nah man. I already ate. Misread my alarm clock at 2:30 AM and thought it was time for class. I'd eaten a Zombie breakfast by the time I realized my mistake.

2. Luxembourg: What happened to all the cereal?
France: Dude, I think it fell victim to your Zombie breakfast. You were sleepwalking all over the place.
by oryaknownot April 09, 2010
A term used by news bloggers to indicate that a given statement is completely untrue. Maximizes credibility
while simultaneously cultivating a high level of plausible deniability.
Samoa: Omigosh. I just read on my favorite news blog that Canada is breeding dragons in a bid for global domination.
Barbados: That's completely untrue.
Samoa: But they said it was confirmed via Twitter!
Barbados: Oh man. Despite the complete lack of evidence, I totally believe it now. Run for the hills!
by oryaknownot May 02, 2010
A man who claims heterosexuality, but is clearly only a back-rub away from sleeping with his gay friend.
Scott insisted he was straight, but after a few beers and a back-rub he totally let me hit that. He's a total rubaway.

Most fags secretly wish that their straight friends were rubaways.
by oryaknownot August 29, 2009

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