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To crack corn means to insult somebody.A crack fight is an insult contest, usually involving 'yo mama' jokes.
"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me;Jimmy crack corn and I don't care"
by Ortolan February 23, 2010
Haloperidol (Generic, U.S.) A dangerous drug controversially used in the Unites States, Soviet Union, and other countries as a chemical restraint, or alternative to physical restraint of who is deemed to be a 'danger to self or others',or more specifically 'acute psychosis,delerium,and schhizophrenia'.

Other generic versions of Haloperidol manufactured in other countries include Aloperidin, Brotopon, Duraperidol (Germany), Einalon S, Eukystol, Halosten, Keselan, Serenase, and Sigaperidol, and others.

Some commonly ignored side effects include:grand mal seizures,petit mal seizures,
having the feeling of intense panic,agitation,and anxiety, and being stuck in ones own body. seizures, delirium, akathesia (inability to stop moving),dystonic reactions(tardive diskinesia): muscular spasms of neck – torticollis, eyes – oculogyric crisis, tongue, or jaw; extrapyramidal symptoms (such as NMS),and an inability to fight, argue, or function as a normal human being.

Also amoung the risks are pseudoparkinsonism (parkinson's disease type symptoms,rigidity,tremors),
Neuroleptic Malginant Syndrome(NMS), and death.
They shot him up with Haldol and threw him in solitary where he drooled on himself for three hours and would often get up from his catatonia and start banging his head on the wall,mumbling something constantly.
by Ortolan March 22, 2011
Poor quality marijuana often containing an abundance of seeds and stems
'I don't want no dirtweed, give me the columbian red or the alabama kush.'
by Ortolan May 04, 2010
1.A person who lives on the warm x-ray radiation of the television,the boob tube, and never gets up.They eventually die of radiation sickness or Diabeetus.

2.A song by the heavy hard core punk rock band called the Misfits who were led by lead singer and writer Glen Danzig from New Jersey which later he formed his own Solo career as simply 'Danzig',known for the popular song 'mother',though in the early years the horror-punk band Misfits describing such persons who are consumed by the TV.Also based songs on the tv movie psycho,"you dont go in the bathroom with me"
1.The young female actor who later died a tragic death at a young age with superstitions surrounding her part in the movie 'Poltergeist'.one of the scariest movies of all time.

2.The girl from the movie 'The Twilight Zone' is an example of TV casualty becacuse her brain is fried from staring into the tv all day and night TV casualty.

3.Lyrics to the song "static static static", "Please don't feed my television screen","hold on,I think I have to puke,I have a corner that I like to go I like to feed the flys that I know,but please dont feed my television screen".

4.Pink Floids motion picture 'The Wall' depicts the protagonist 'pink'' as a schizoid rock star based on the true life story of Syd Barret who was the original founder of Piink Floidwho's heavy use of LSD led to his self imposed isolation for over thirty years, he left the band in 1968.

5.Syd Barrett, born, January 1946 –Roger Keith Barrett, was an English singer, songwriter, guitarist and artist. and founding member of psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd and also a TV Casualty R.I.P. July 7 2006.
by ortolan May 05, 2010
1.An exclamation, used to place emphasis on another exclamation, derived from the German word for branch, and often used after saying holy.

2.Interj. A word of emphasis, used wherever the word 'branch' would seem appropriate, but wouldn't sound as good.

3.Very useful, flammable, hard, breakable word, which can also be used as a weapon or kindling .

4.Another way of saying boom, bloom, bum, bomb or blaw.

5.A dry word used with break, burn, climb, high, brittle, shatter, or anywhere the word 'branch' could be used, but wouldn't sound nearly as funny.

6.Word used to denote something weak, or poor.

7.A joint.

8.Expression of pain.
Great holy-baum, it's a god damn UFO.

I'll break you like a baum.

That really burns my baum!

Oh baum, good for you.

I have had it up to the highest baum.

Smoke another baum.

Royal pain-in-the-baum.

Baum! How you like me now?
by Ortolan December 19, 2011

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