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A disease that affects predominately fat people, much like their poster boy,Wilford Brimley.
"If you have type 2 Diabeetus, you can get your testing supplies free..."
#diabetes #wilford brimley #diabeetus #disease #fat people #lepers
by Christoph McDougalson March 17, 2007
Slang for the blood disease diabetes. Often misspelled as diabeetis. Although the base of many jokes, videos, and puns, etc., it is a serious condition. After many well-known Liberty Medical Commercials in which celebrity Wilford Brimley mispronounces diabetes. Now a comedy empire.
My dog died of di-diabeetus!
#diabetes #diabeetis #disease #blood #wilford brimley
by Lancington June 28, 2009
Diabeetus is not just Diabetes mispronounced. Diabetes if NOT a blood disease but rather an insulin problem. Insulin is used to regulate the sugar levels in your blood. Some don't produce any insulin, some produce to much.

Diabeetus is Diabetes with enlogating of the testicals that get longer with age.
This becomes a big sanitary problem when they are using the toilet and the scrotum touches the dirty water.
I have Diabeetus so bad my nuts touch the water.
#diabeetus #wilford #diabetes #disease #insulin
by Dr. John MD September 20, 2013
A strange disease affecting fat actors which causes them to not be able to pronounce "Diabetes" correctly.
"Good morning. I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to talk to you about Diabeetus."
#wilford brimley #diabetes #fat #mispronunciation #actor
by FabulousFairy December 01, 2014
dia-beetus, also known as "the beetis" is infact not a unique strain of marijuana, but rather the reference to Wilford Brimley's bumblefuck speech impediment, and inability to pronounce the word diabetes. After Wilford Brimley's day-view on liberty medical commercials, "the beetis" spread like an std in a bro-infested frat house over the continental United States. Dia-beetus quickly became a youtube sensation, providing such hits as "rock me diabeetus" and "the funky diabeetus". The Billy Mays of yesteryear, Wilford Brimley's walrus like mustache and comforting hand motions will forever live on in the commercial brakes of late night television, and more importantly in the hearts of the American people.
Man, so fuckin' bummed, i heard kimbo slice may retire because he has dia-beetus, beetus, beetus, dia-dia beeetus.
#dia-dia beetus #bumblefuck #kimbroslice #bummerville #walra-stash
by theshirtbeforetheshirt August 17, 2010
A reaction to cuteness,similar to a person with a bad case of fangirlisim. Symptoms, are excessive HNNNNGGGing,squeeeing,random squeezing and glomping your screen,and obsessing over said kawaii subject for ever.
Look at this kitten I found!
OMG,I think you gave me diabeetus!
#cuteness overload #fangirl attack #kawaii takeover #hnnnnnnnngh #ehrmehgawd its so cute!!!:d
by OfficialPichiroid June 19, 2013
something random, trying to be funny, out of nowhere
that bumper sticker was so diabeetus...

she sent me a facebook bumper sticker that was diabeetus..whered it come from!?
#random #not funny #diabetes #joke #inside
by nikalisa October 26, 2008
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