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Sports car, stands for: Lots of trouble, usually serious.
My bloody lotus broke down again
by oracle February 06, 2004
Simalar to cut in, cut off. To drive in a manner that disrupts someone else, e.g to pull in to another lane of a road and force someone already in that lane to brake harshly to avoid a crash.
I was cut up AGAIN by audi man on the M1 last sunday.
by oracle January 31, 2005
Working all day and smoking all night for several days in succession.
Oh dear. Hard core all week = barnsley syndrome
by oracle March 12, 2004
ded's word for gay.

also, canadian word for 'gay'
Wearing platform shoes is quite hetero
by oracle February 08, 2005
Has nobody here heard of Direct Current?????????
Power supply 12v DC
by oracle March 12, 2004
To leave suddenly or without announcement, flee. Useful as hurried exclamation to others.

Situations in which you would trap:
1: Looking out of a window and seeing an aircraft heading towards you.
2: Arriving at a party to find that it is full of geezers all wearing stripy shirts and trying to pull to only bird present.
1: "TRAP!!!!"
2: "Think im gonna trap soon"
by oracle August 19, 2004
Inhabitant of Liverpool, strong dialect, (stereotype): Shellsuited, mulleted, car theives.
Scouse bastards nicked my wheels!
by oracle March 13, 2004
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