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A teenage Native American that partakes in stereotypical American ghetto culture.
"Fuck, that little red riding hoodlum had better go back to his reservation and stop calling me bro."
by operationthunderbolt March 19, 2009
When a man is asleep and has an erection and you punch the tip of his penis, thus "flattening" it.
"Hey dude, do you wanna go make a blunt tonight?" "Yeah sure, lets go sneak into that prick across the hall's room and do it."
by operationthunderbolt March 08, 2009
the biproduct of bestiality.
"Eww, is that sheep yogurt on your britches Jeb?" "Yarp."
by operationthunderbolt March 11, 2009
A faus is a (usually) fat annoying person that grunts a lot. In general, nobody likes fauses and will just stare at them when they're not thinking about beating them up. Historically, fauses were thought of in many cultures as shape shifters that somehow got stuck in the guise of a walrus/humanoid creature. Modern science, however has revealed that they are humans indeed, but just in an extremely annoying form.
"Haha look at that, Faus is drowning!" "Haha, oh my gosh you're right! Dammit...you made me lose my train of thought."
by operationthunderbolt March 19, 2009

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