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To forcefully put your penis into somebody else's ass or anus. An act commonly commited by sexually deprived fudge packers.
I buttraped Mike's mom because she was giving me backtalk.
by opalmind June 13, 2004
When a woman has her period, and the blood clots in her pubic hair. The dried blood gives the impression of meat sauce on the spaghetti (the pubes). Abbreviated to 'vagspag'
I saw your mom's vagspag last night! Sick!
by opalmind June 25, 2004
Short for vaginal spaghetti.
I saw your mom's vagspag last night - nasty!
by opalmind June 25, 2004
A word used to describe anything undesirable or bad. You can desbride objects, people, places and more with this all- purpose word!
Originated in Ottawa, Canada. There was a young little girl that some people knew and she had a poonstash. Poonstash became abbreviated to poon, which in turn become 'poon-young.' Since 'poon-young' didn't roll off of the tongue so easily, it became poon-YANG.
1. "Dude, you swallowed a floater in the pool? POONYANG!"
2. "I don't want to do this homework, it's poonyang."
by opalmind June 10, 2004
Slang term for moustache. Generally used to describe a woman's.
The little girl had a gross black poonstash! It was like a giant caterpillar!
by opalmind June 10, 2004

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