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The simple yet eloquent dish composed of a hot dog topped with ham and American cheese.
Man I'm pretty hungry, got a hankering for a Kentucky Cordon Bleu
by oorah72 December 28, 2009
a tasty drink, better known as a hot toddy which is comprised of hot tea and whiskey. Produces a very soothing effect on the throat.
I'm kinda sick and i have some jack daniels, think i'll make some kentucky cough syrup.
by oorah72 December 28, 2009
bartender, or server of alchoholic beverages extending great knowledge of whiskey
Man, I'm pretty depressed my old lady left again, think I'll go see the blue collar psychiatrist
by oorah72 November 24, 2010
Any person usually a Marine with a desk job that is abnormally skilled at hitting long range targets with an ordinary stapler.
What was that?

Oh it was a staple from the snipler over there
by oorah72 December 22, 2009
A device used for the removal of fecal matter from the undercarriage. A Canadian baday as opposed to the water operated models found elsewhere in the world, is actually comprised of a high-powered belt sander flipped upside down. Extremely effective. Entirely unsatisfactory.
I ran out of that there toilet paper doncha know. Guess i'll just use that old Canadian Baday.
by oorah72 December 30, 2009
an acronym for oversized male genetalia. a disorder that affects more men and women than most realize.
(man looks at the urinal next to him)

oh my god! you really suffer from omg!
by oorah72 March 25, 2010

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