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n- slang for Suzuki GSXR-a motorcycle of a type known as "sportbikes", "crotch rokets", or "superbikes", characterized by a remarkable ability to attain high speeds (145-210+ mph)and to manuver at these speeds. -competing in a market with the Honda CBR, Yamaha FZR, and Kawasaki ZX-R.
GSXr 1000, GSXR 750, GSXR 600
by OnyxO August 28, 2004
motorcycle known as a gixxer which is a death machine capable of unreal speeds and corners better the faster you go.
"i rode on the back of OnyxO's Suzuki and it looked like the cars were going backwards on the interstate."
by OnyxO August 28, 2004
-a death machine that will out muscle an Indy car and take you from zero to pine box in less than 3 seconds. see gixxer
Don't let your buddy ride your GSXR if he's only driven cars or Harleys. He will speed out of control and drop the bike so it's still sliding about 10mph when it slides into the sherrif's dept. where he works.
by OnyxO August 28, 2004
-a motorcycle specificaly designed to kill the rider.
-a wast of money. just buy a glock 9mm pistol (which, like the tomahawk, is specificaly designed to kill human beings) and give the rest of the money to your relatives.
get a clue..... it's called the *TOMAHAWK*..........that should send a message. the name alone is a disclaimer
by OnyxO August 29, 2004
a place that sucks. all the chicks are married
horrible job thats crap and sucks
by OnyxO September 04, 2004
A Superbike is a motorcycle used for racing in the "American Motorcycle Assosiation Superbike Challenge".
Spelled with a lowercase 's' it refers to the consumer version of the racing motorcycle.
Yes, the competing manufacturers actualy produce the racing machines to sell to consumers (equiped with turn signals for street use).
You could say that, advertising a company name through racing is profitable but,
selling the actual racing bike is more profitable.
Suzuki GSXR
Kawasaki ZX-R
Honda CBR
Yamaha FZR
by OnyxO August 29, 2004
(also known as "Carles Junior's") the place where we hang, my small crew that keeps breaking up because were so lame.-a food place on 24th & Centeral in Billings MT (much lov to all my buds) before getting food anywhere, always drive around once and look in to see what kind of people work there. if they stare back or look like they suck, don't eat there cause something will be wrong w/ your food.
the place where they take forever to get your food ready but, it tasts better than micky d's
by OnyxO September 04, 2004
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