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2 definitions by omfgitsmorganf

Some man or woman, that is SOOOOOO sexy
yeah they are so sexy, they are the sex so you know what BE JEALIOUASE!
Damn, that guy is literally the sex bomb.
Geez, I hear she is the sex bomb, literally!
by omfgitsmorganf May 24, 2008
Basically fruitcake = fuck
My history teacher told meh about it.

1. Fruitcake
2. Fruitcaking
3. Fruit-tard (My personal fave)
4. Fruiter
1. DOOD, what the fruitcake!?

2. You'er fruitcaking pissing me off.

3. You're a fruitcake-tard.

4. You lil' fruiter.

by omfgitsmorganf May 25, 2008