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the essence of extreme coolness
It could use alot more zazz
by omega20mm August 19, 2007
to be extremely nerdy at random
I thought he was cool but then he pulled an Urkel and came to the party wearing suspenders.
by omega20mm August 19, 2007
a wiener and/or meatstick
Thats one tasty MustardMusket
by omega20mm August 19, 2007
Refering to an area in an online community where lag becomes an understatement.
The certain game released for xbox 360 and pc which was hoping to ride off the success of Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, except it had the addition of online play, can only be described as a Lagnasium in both single player and online play and was not even close to making a 100th percent of what Oblivion did.
by omega20mm December 08, 2007
a natural habitat for homosexuals
There is no way im going to Fuzza house, its a fruitnasium
by omega20mm August 19, 2007
Guitar hero Controller
Well he's very irish so when he was playing he rusted his whammy bar on his gatroller with his sweat.
by omega20mm November 17, 2007
to be unbelievably fast on an electric guitar
Yngwie Malmsteen is the original Skwisgar
by omega20mm August 19, 2007
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