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South Texas slang for beans.
Listening to you brag dosn't improve the taste of these mexican strawberries!
by oldschoolio May 24, 2007
same as term "whatchacallit" (what-you-call-it). Used largly in DC area. Used to describe some one or something who's name cannot be recalled.
"Can you give me directions?"
"Sure. You go up 18th Street, past 'whatchacall', then make a right. It's right there next to 'whatchacall.'"
by oldschoolio April 28, 2007
(adj) flawless, skillfully executed, nearly perfect, not sloppy, neat.
Led Zepplin was a tight band.
Tony Hawk's tricks are all super tight.
The Sex Pistols had some good songs, but when they played live they were not very tight.
by oldschoolio April 14, 2007
A type of snowboard park feature.
Keystone has a nice terrain park complete with berms and rollers.
by oldschoolio April 28, 2007
Some kind of feature in a ski area. Snowboarders often talk about riding "rollers" but i have never been able to figure out what they're talking about.
"Let's take this blue run - it's got some nice rollers."
by oldschoolio April 28, 2007
To crash, or fall when attempting a manuveur (skaeboarding, bmx, etc.) Short for "wipe out".
Did you see that dude wipe? He really ate shit, didn't he?
by oldschoolio April 28, 2007

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