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a banana, so named because monkeys are widely reputed to love bananas
(Actually heard in a supermarket--customer said this to the checker as she rang up the bananas)
"Yeah, I had to buy me some monkey pickles today."
by oldgeezer March 16, 2010
Women's stretch pants that feature a strap that goes underneath the wearer's foot.
Overweight women should NEVER, EVER wear stirrup pants!!
by oldgeezer October 15, 2009
A manure spreader; device commonly used by farmers to spread livestock feces on their fields to use as fertilizer.
"Dad's out in the field, pulling the turd hearse behind his tractor. He cleaned the hog house today."
by oldgeezer March 05, 2010
Deodorant or antiperspirant, especially of the stick variety.
Man, you stink! Put on some pit grease!
by oldgeezer December 06, 2009
from Spanish, literally means "little house," but used to refer to the outhouse or portapotty.
"Man, I gotta use the can! Is there a casa chica around here somewhere?"
by oldgeezer March 06, 2010
Am I ever in misery! I just took a shot in the kids!
by oldgeezer October 27, 2009

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