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A word used to describe a Females used and still slightly dialated Womb Tunnel.
After myself, Rude Dog, Crusty Joe, Perry, Big Roy and Dave had plugged Gina's gaping gash, she was left with nothing else but a Slopbox and a smile!!!
by ohwicked69 August 08, 2006
A word used instead of Film! Originated from Blackpool in 2005 and is still used highly today by many people in North Essex, England.

Can also be used as a random scream to get the attention of a friend or family member while watching a film.
Hello you Cunt, fancy watching a Filmage!!!!!
by ohwicked69 August 10, 2006
Describing a cunt! Not the insult version of the word CUNT but a real cunt on a womans body!!! Used because it is in fact the Tunnel to a Womb!!!! GET IT?!?!
I loved banging Lauren the other night! She had the tightest Womb Tunnel ever!
by ohwicked69 August 09, 2006
From Trolley Dash: Rhyming slang for "Gash" used in North Essex, To describe a females' genitals.
I pounded her for hours before blowing my beans up her trolley.
by ohwicked69 August 07, 2006

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