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A word used to describe a Females used and still slightly dialated Womb Tunnel.
After myself, Rude Dog, Crusty Joe, Perry, Big Roy and Dave had plugged Gina's gaping gash, she was left with nothing else but a Slopbox and a smile!!!
#trolley #gash #twat #cunt #jazz
by ohwicked69 August 08, 2006
A sloppy box, a nasty and over-used vagina.
Kara has a pretty face, but I wouldn't touch her slop box with a ten foot pole.
#box #gash #vagina #tuna taco #bearded clam #jizz mitt
by Phil A. Sheo January 23, 2007
similar to a hotbox, a slopbox is any vehicle inside of which alcoholic beverages are imbibed. Said vehicle is usually stationary and parked in a residential area, grocery store parking lot, or a "slopbox drive" (a secluded road infamous for frequent slopboxing practices). It is common and accepted to exceed the vehicle's maxiumum capacity whilst slopboxing.
E: We've gotta get drunk off P's liquor, but where can we do it?
K: Not my house, my parents are home!
G: I know, we can slopbox E's car in town center!
#hotbox #alcohol #car #mill creek #stewed #squalor #duba
by millcrunkfuckyeah June 07, 2011
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