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What people like to put in the middle of words like fuck and shit and cunt and bitch for some reason
"You're a f*cking c*nt, you b*tch.Eat my f*cking shit."

"I can't understand what you're saying because you're censoring so many letters!"
by oh shit i'm dead February 12, 2005
When you have mohawk where the back is longer and flows freely
Dude look at that guy's mullet-hawk. He looks like a bogan trying to be a punk
by oh shit i'm dead February 12, 2005
A thing which, even if it were desirable, would be impossible. There will always be a group of people who are willing to organise themselves and fight for government. They will either kick our asses into submission to a worse from of government, or we will have to organise ourselves, and fight back, meaning that when the conflict is over we'll be left with a government which we'll probably end up keeping by choice, or they'll decide they like having power an force us into it.
Government is no different to anarchy, because government is, in rrality, just a group of people imposing their will on us, so any type of organisation will evolve into a government.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead October 21, 2004
The most boring book ever.
Someone told me I should read the bible so that I could fully understand it, but I couldn't read past the first paragraph, it was so boring.

(Note: Christians will call you ignorant for not reading the bible, but will insult you for being so determined to prove them wrong if you do)
by oh shit i'm dead February 03, 2005
The only original member of Guns N' Roses not to have a definition. (Before you say Izzy Stradlin, look up "Izzy").
Though he was a shit drummer (Never had a drumming lesson, didn't own an actual drumkit till he was 18), he still deserves some recognition
by oh shit i'm dead February 20, 2005
the thing which all the kids told you thy knew in grade 3, but when put to the test they were just pussies
Now, kickboxing, on the other hand.
by oh shit i'm dead January 29, 2005
Best underwear ever. Like government, underwear's sole purpose sould be to protect the people without taking away too much of their freedom. Boxers serve this purpose greatly. They prevent the chafin of the genitals while letiing the balls go free.

Look better on women than men? Not really. Well, I guess they do, because women are women and men are men and I'm not attratced to men, so yeah. As for them being the only type of men's underwear that look better on women than men, hell no. Of course, it would be disturbing to see a chick in boxer briefs with the crotch holder hanging out, but I'd much rather see a chick in men's briefs than boxers.
Boxers seperate the men from the boys.
by oh shit i'm dead January 29, 2005

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