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A style of music which is judged by those who like it more on the appearance of those singing it than the music.
Britney Spears is hot. She MUst be extremely talented.
by Oh shit I'm dead October 19, 2004
Someoen who, rather than attack the merits of your argument will bring up completely irrelevant shit, like how you mispronounced a word or, in the case of the internet, typed a word wrong.
Person 1: That makes absolutely no fjcking sense!
Person 2 (Nitpick): Oh, I'm so sorry that didnt make any *fjcking* sense. Jesus, anyone who types the word fucking wrong must be an idiot. I win the argument.
by oh shit i'm dead April 03, 2005
Proof that the music industry is going downhill and has been for a long time. The idea that someone could get a record deal just because they look and sing funny is despicable.
It's fucking music, not your fucked up face.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 10, 2005
Mostly bullshit. Every time someone attempts to psychoanalyse me, they fail miserably.
Psychologist: I believe you punched that guy in the nose because you have deep issues of security and you felt threatened in your own envioronment. It had nothing to do with the fact that he kicked you in the balls.
by oh shit i'm dead March 04, 2005
People trying to look cooler than eachother by wearing the same clothes
Last casual clothes day at my school, 50% of the people in my year wore polo shirts.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 08, 2005
Someone who will step into a joke and ruin it with their excessive use of logic.
Person: I knocked that bitch out with my balls!
Logic Whore: Bullshit! As if you're balls are large or hard enough to do that.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead October 28, 2004
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