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1) The female genitalia as perceived by a male who helplessly dependent upon it for cohesion of his self-concept.

2) A projection commonest to the "whipped" male heterosexual .
Dude, get yourself together... get over her. You are "whipped." Her genitalia is your crutch, you suffer from the boxcrutch!!
by oddchatsandmore.blogspot.com June 03, 2009
A Chicago-area superhero who is powerless save for his unflappable motivation to secure solace and mirth for those he knows.
Damn man, this whole week sucked ass. What's the point in even going on? *SIGH* ...Whoa, wait!! Who's that caped guy with the huge exclamation point on his chest?? He has burritos and smokie-treats.... It's Captain Fuck Yes!!
by oddchatsandmore.blogspot.com June 04, 2009
1) beefhoss = a person of colossally caricatured large, squarish, muscular proportions... oftentimes emitting an aura of indomitable physical power and endurance.

2) Beefhoss = Chicago-area superhero ally to Captain Fuck Yes in his quest to vanquish bad times and The Crimson Pope
1) beefhoss...

Friend #1: "Holy crap! Did you ever see the Governor of California before he was governor? He was huge!"

Friend #2: "Yea, but he'll never look like the Hulk would in real life... Hulk's a frickin' beefhoss, yo!"

2) Beefhoss...

"Shit! This party sucks... we need someone to save it! But if Captain Fuck Yes isn't here to stop The Crimson Pope, maybe Beefhoss can help us?!!?"
by oddchatsandmore.blogspot.com June 05, 2009

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