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The guy who's always way too excited about everything.
Danson: "Hey Ted, do you have any cardboard boxes?"
Ted (Captain Fuck Yes): "FUCK YES!"

Danson: "Hey, do you want a Mountain Dew?"
Ted (Captain Fuck Yes): "FUCK YES! EXTREME!!!"

Danson: "Have you seen Ted? Captain Fuck Yes kicked down my door the other day, yelled, 'EXTREME' and ran away."
by Captain Hell No October 04, 2010
A Chicago-area superhero who is powerless save for his unflappable motivation to secure solace and mirth for those he knows.
Damn man, this whole week sucked ass. What's the point in even going on? *SIGH* ...Whoa, wait!! Who's that caped guy with the huge exclamation point on his chest?? He has burritos and smokie-treats.... It's Captain Fuck Yes!!
by June 04, 2009

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