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Word for a fanatical group of Macintosh users voicing their opinions for how noble Apple is and how evil MS Windows is.
The contractor said something off color about macs, and the whole art department turned into a macinmob proceeding to insult and heckle him.
by october-jones September 07, 2008
To ruin something through excessive handling.
I don't lend out my porno magazines anymore because they always come back smudge fucked.
by october-jones August 28, 2008
To eat so much and so quickly, that you make snorting noises (possibly caused by the velocity of air pushed out by chewing). It generally only happens when a person shovels food in at the same rate of swallowing and/or breathing.
I couldn't hear the movie dialog, because my room mate was scolming cereal in the next room.
by october-jones August 28, 2008
Techno-slur against Apple Computers. Combination of the words "Macintosh" and "Steve Jobs". It's a word for the cult-like entity Apple has attained through creation of Macintosh computers and the demigod status of its CEO.
All the graphic designers in the ad agency will buy and support anything macinjobs sells.
by october-jones September 07, 2008
techno-slur against Microsoft Windows users. It's a combination of the words "Windows" and "Drone" The name implies that Windows users are mindless robots with no ability to think for themselves.
IT department doesn't support Macs because they are all windrones.
by october-jones September 07, 2008

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