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An A.K.C-registered breed of dog. The most popular breed of dog in the united states which was first developed in the Labrador province of Canada to haul fishermans nets. Has a very gentle and patient nature and makes and exceptional seeing-eye dog or gundog. Has short to medium length hair and is prone to gastric tortion and hip disphlyasia. Comes in three varieties, yellow, black, and chocolate.
The Labrador makes a wonderful first-time dog.
by o2theMalley July 03, 2008
This is a completely American-developed breed. This is the breed that is most often defined as 'pit-bull'. They are not bred the same as the APBT or American Staffordshire terrier. They are a completely different breed and should not be classifed as either of these. They can be medium-sized but are usually large-sized. Always short-haired. Even though they may have APBT and Amstaff origins, they are more freely bred and not according to a standard. They are mostly bred as pets or for protection. The most popular colors are blue and red. Depending on the breeder, they can be bred for color, head size, short-and-wideness, temperment, or any combination of these. Depending on what the dog is bred for, he may or may not be good with children. But despite its feirce appearence, they are usually even-tepmered. These dogs are bred with much more muscle than their APBT or Amstaff ancestors. They can be trained in areas such as Schutzhund, weight pulling, and other related activites. The ears are sometimes seen left natural but are most commonly cropped. The American Bully is often frowned upon because of its breeding. People say that these are just curs that are not true 'pit bulls'. It is true that they are not 'pit bulls' because they are a whole different dog. They are becoming their own individual breed apart and are not the American Bulldog, American pit bull terrier, or American Staffordshire terrier. They are a modern breed being perfected for preference and purpose. They are the American Bully.
The American Bully is different than any other 'pit bull' type breed and should not be mistaken for any other.
by o2theMalley July 10, 2008
A large sized, short-haired, A.K.C-registered breed. First developed in Germany by the tax collecter Louis Dobermann. Dobermans are very clingy to their owners and make a loyal, well tempered dog if raised correctly. Could become aggressive if not given proper care and training. The tail is traditionally docked from puppyhood and ears may be cropped or left natural. Comes in red, fawn, black, or blue with either rust or tan markings. Some are also born pure white which is a fault in the show ring. Dobermans are prone to heart conditions as well as color deformity. Also a very intelligent breed that needs mental excercise as well as physical.
The Doberman makes a loyal dog, but if raised incorrectly, it may become aggressive.
by o2theMalley July 10, 2008
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