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Play him off, Keyboard Cat is an internet meme that broke in early 2009. The meme features a video of a cat playing a keyboard added as a punchline to a fail video. The original video of Keyboard Cat was shot in the 1980s and uploaded to YouTube by the cat's owner Charlie Schmidt in 2007. Another YouTuber, Brad O'Farrell, uploaded the first Play him off, Keyboard Cat video in February 2009, combining a clip of a man in a weelchair falling down an escalator with the Keyboard Cat clip. The meme started to spread soon after as other users began creating more Play him (or her) off, Keyboard Cat clips, and msm coverage followed. Keyboard Cat (real name Fatso) died in 2000.
Example of a Play him off, Keyboard Cat video:
Bill O'Reilly: We'll do it live! Fuck it! I'll write it and we'll do it live! Fucking thing sucks!
Keyboard Cat: Doo doo doo doo, doo doo-doo doo.
by null_device May 14, 2009
A fail video is a video documenting an act of failure, often involving unexpected humiliation, embarrassment, pain, or self-ownage. Entertaining fail videos sometimes become viral videos or memes.
Miss South Carolina is a fail video.
by null_device May 14, 2009
Something unrelentingly impressive and impervious to the effects of aging.
Emma has an ass that will not quit.
by null_device December 11, 2008
(also spelled raps) Australian and New Zealand slang for enthusiastic approval or praise, often used in a sporting context.
Coach Sheens has big wraps on the young halfback.
by null_device April 27, 2009
Suffix replacing last syllable of a word to indicate addictive qualities. Popularized by evercrack and warcrack.
Danii: Want to party with me tonight?
Jacques: Can't, playing Ever-crack.
by null_device December 11, 2008
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