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Something that someone subjects themselves to (such as music or literature) with the sole purpose being to look smarter or fit in.
Hipster: "I'm gonna go listen to some Neutral Milk Hotel. You wanna come?"

Not Hipster: "Nah, man. That's some serious Hipster Garbage."
by nothere413 May 12, 2009
Singular Pronounced puss-ess
A misspelling of pussies that was originally used by people in forums that can't spell good. The word is now used as a joke and as an insult at the same time resulting in much lulz.

Plural is Pussi. Pronounced Puss-eye
90% of people who talk trash on the internet are found to be pusses in real life.

Pusses isn't a word, retard.

It is now.

Good Point.
by nothere413 December 28, 2007
A headache and feeling of nausea you get from listening to music that uses autotune.
Person 1: "Hey man, I'm gonna put on some Kanye West."

Person 2: "No man, leave that shit off. I've got a serious autotune headache."
by nothere413 September 07, 2010
The best of the best. Slang inspired by AMC's "Breaking Bad", in which the main characters Walt and Jesse make the most pure crystal meth around and due to the chemical formula of the substance, it is colored blue.
You gonna try out that new burger place in town? Their burgers are the blue stuff.
by nothere413 June 16, 2010
Something that is perceived to be indie but isn't actually independent of major record labels at all.

See: The Killers, Modest Mouse, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, Muse, etc.
Person 1: "So what do you think of Muse?"

Person 2: "They're pretty indeh, but I guess they're ok."
by nothere413 September 12, 2010
An insult used to describe someone who you deem to be less of a man that yourself. Usually used when someone makes it known that they are weaker than your or worse than you at something.
Person 1: "I think I'm gonna hit the hay"

Person 2: "Haha, you're already tired? Fucking Chumpchange."
by nothere413 August 02, 2010
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