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He doesn't believe in love..but this guy has like 10 girls that are infatuated with him. He's a chick magnet whether he knows it or not!
The Tim-tim is a real pimp
by not me May 10, 2003
A very good tic-tac.
I like lime mints.
by not me March 31, 2003
Lord of #mefi, defender of freedom, and champion of justice.
Commander Bunnypants saved the day, yet again!
by Not Me May 28, 2003
A Jock who talks a load of pish
<Skeg> Rangers are a realy good team
by not me March 18, 2003
god (except when he's evil then he's a gherkin)
my husband
all hail pickle!!!!!!!
by not me September 11, 2003
Pickle No. 2
by not me September 11, 2003
M-master O-of L-lies

If you or someone else is ever told they are a M-O-L this is what they are being called.
The MOL tells lies a lot.
by not me May 26, 2003

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