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Acronym for "One Character Victory", which is a term in the video game world, specifially the game "Marvel vs. Capcom 2". An OCV occurs when one player defeats his opponent with just his starting character and only that character without switching to a teammate.

It can also be used in "Capcom vs. SNK 2" where a player also defeats his opponent with just his starting character.
Justin OCVed Ricky with his Magneto, Cable, Cammy team at wordECCword6
by not important August 21, 2003
Anyone who complains that Philly is all ghetto has obviously never been there. Yes, a large amount of the city is ghetto, but it's not any different in the Bronx, Brooklyn, or even Manhattan. I go to school in the Bronx and the borough is about 70% ghetto. Even in NY, you just can't escape it. Half of Brooklyn is places like Brownsville, Bed-Stuy, East New York which are no better than North Philly. In fact, I think Philly is a cooler city in many ways. New York is so big, there's no room for city pride or unity among residents. Philly has some cool architecture too and lots of interesting neighborhoods
Jets suck! go eagles
by Not Important January 01, 2005
A way of doing marijuana by heating up the blades of knives.

See hot knives
"I think I inhaled a lot because I was on the couch drunk while they were all doing knifers"
by not important April 10, 2005
A philosophy begun by Ian McKaye and the Minor Threat boys in the days of yore. Abbreviated sXe. It started out just no drinking, drugs, or smokes, then the philosophy was distorted into including veganism and no casual sex. Still not a terrible thing, until hypocrites in Utah decided "hey, this would make a good gang!" and totally raped the whole idea. Because, you know, it was meant to DECREASE violence and death. Not beat the shit out of the poor faggot caught with a beer in his hand. so...

good example of straight edge: Davey Havok or Justin Sane, basically anyone adhering to the original concept

bad example: Salt Lake City assholes killing hobos with cigarettes in their mouths
sXe used to be cool, then Utah bastards killed it.
by not important March 15, 2005
An acronym to represent a video game tournament held in the east coast of the US called "East Coast Championships". Usually a number follows it to represent which annual year it is.
Were you at ECC? I heard Justin pwned everyone there.
by not important August 21, 2003
Sweet Briar College is an all woman college located 12 miles North of Lynchburg, VA. They are considered the #1 woman's college in Virginia by the US News & World Report. But . . . they are considered #2 or possibly #3 by any self respecting Hampden-Sydney man (behind Hollins and possibly RMCW). Sweet Briar girls generally are fat, rich, and constantly invading the HSC campus on the weekend looking for free beer, a quiet place to sleep, and a husband. They can easily be spotted at a HSC football game wearing loud colored sun dresses, their mother's pearls (or the ones daddy bought them), and pink ribbons in their hair. They are generally cutting in line at the keg, and don’t seem to care about any other guy than the one they are trying to marry at that moment. They are superficially “sweet," and men are suckered. These woman can simply be described as "carnivores."
Molly: How about that guy?
Ginny: Naw, he isn't driving a beemer.
Molly: What about him?
Ginny: Ick, he is wearing tennis shoes!

Ginny: Now there is my future husband!
Molly: You mean the guy wearing a pink polo shirt and kakhis? The one pulling up in the BMW X5 with 2 kegs in the trunk?
Ginny: Exactly!
by not important October 14, 2004
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