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The act of using a coat hanger to unclog the toilet after a particularly large deposit. The poor mans plunger
Im not ready for this yet we just moved in i havent had time to get a plunger yet
Hey bro toilet abortion, just between us aight.
by noodles the cat October 23, 2003
Somthing that long hairs or heshers do when they hear good heavy metal.
Man johhny just got the new morbid death spike album and i walked in his room and he was bangin to it
by noodles the cat October 28, 2003
A hand gesture used daily on Jerry Springer and Sally where the guest shows his or her hand to the audience as if to say inbreeding is ok.
Usually accompanied by talk to the hand.
My daughter is out of control sally she bladows the neighbors her father the cat. Please help her.
Well here she is latisha. Lets give her a makeover.
by noodles the cat October 23, 2003

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