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v. to take a shit after one smokes a cigarette and feels the urge to do so.

n. the act of shitting after getting the urge to do so from a cigarette
v. After smoking some cigarettes, Jake was taking a cigshit in the bathroom already.

n. Man, I have to go take a cigshit after smoking all that.
by nirvana4lf April 28, 2007

verb - to shroom, as in tripping on magical mushrooms that contain psilocybin and psilocin.

noun - a trip induced by such a mushroom.
verb - I was psilotripping so hard after eating a quad of shrooms!

noun - That was the most insane psilotrip ever!
by nirvana4lf August 26, 2009
a horse's penis

it is a very long and quite retractable. when it extends, its over a foot long, and when it retracts, its nothing. it actually goes back inside the horse's body.
Jason and Spencer touched the meat rope (which looked like it had cuts on it) while Sam and Jordan laughed outside of the horse pen.
by nirvana4lf March 13, 2006
a preview of what a show is to become, sort of a pre-season episode that may be given to the network to see whether they like a show or not
Did you see the South Park pilot??? It was the same thing as the first episode - Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, except the animation sucked a lot more...
by nirvana4lf April 10, 2005
A gnarly dookie, aka a fatty shit, aka a large fecal excretion. Often times it is a result of eating too much food. It can also be the result of having problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Lactose Intolerance.
Person 1: Dude i just took a huge ass gnardook
Person 2: Use some fuckin' febreeze, it smells like you shat out a rotting gerbel carcus!
by nirvana4lf December 02, 2010
An extension of stfu, meaning Just Shut The Fuck Up For Once.
Person 1: blah blah blah blah blah...
Person 2: Dude! Jstfufo!
by nirvana4lf December 26, 2008
Pot + Tolerance = Poterance. One's tolerance to the drug Marijuana, which increases after continual use.
Man, after eating those firecrackers, my poterance shot up like crazy!
by nirvana4lf December 11, 2006

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