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when a person 'makes love' to themselves by gently stroking their genital area. done for pleasure. women- often involves stimulating the clitoris, and sometimes involves inserting a long hard object into the vagina. men- involves wanking, i.e. gripping the hand around the penis and vigorously moving it up and down. masturbation can end in the woman/man cumming. often can cause embarrassment and often taboo, especially as regards to women.
omg my mum totally walked in on me havin a wank, dude!
no way, dude!
no way!
way! and she was like, samuel, we are going to have a serious talk about masturbating!!
by nipcharmedtuck June 07, 2006
when a male swings his 'floppy' penis around in circles
woman: eh what are you doing bill?
bill swings floppy penis round in circles
man: why my dear i do not know
woman: u are such a meat swinger
by nipcharmedtuck June 07, 2006

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